Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 7, 2011

Let’s Elaborate…

I shared the other day about beginning my fasting journey.  I’ve had some questions.

Our church decided to do a 21 day fast.  They asked us as the body of believers to pray about what God would have each of us do.  I prayed about it for 14 days asking God to show me what to give up and how to spend my time with him.  I asked him to help me search my heart for prayers to answer, life changes and to be more humble.  At the end of 14 days God showed me that I needed to give up coffee and Coke.  I spend a lot of time shopping, making, thinking about, and drinking coffee.  I love coffee and it was taking up quite a bit of room that I could allow God to fill.  I decided to give up Coke since it has gotten so expensive and use that money to further the Kingdom of God.

So this Sunday at sundown I began my 21 day fast.  I know there are different types of fasts.  I’ve even been told that I am not truly fasting because I am not giving up food.  But, at this time I do not feel led to give up food, I was sick for 3 weeks and had no appetite and lost 7 lbs.  So I need to nourish my body to fully recover from whatever we had.  So this is my fast and it is between me and God.

It has been hard.  I didn’t realize how I dependent I had become on coffee and Coke.  Or let’s say caffeine.  I am still struggling, reaching for that cup of java that has always been at my left hand.  I feel like a part of me is missing not toting around a mug.  I’ve tried tea, hot tea, loose tea and it just isn’t the same.  It is warm and wet but not coffee.  So I’ve been consuming a lot of water which is good.  Each day I take the time I spend each morning savoring a cup of coffee and give it up to the Lord in a quiet time.  I pray, read Scripture.  I am tired and I’ve had a headache for two days.  I blamed it on the weather at first, but my body is going through caffeine withdrawals.  I am irritable and grouchy.  So I dearly need the time with the Lord to mold and shape me into His Son’s image.  It is hard when you don’t have caffeine coursing through your veins.

Stay tuned from more about my fasting journey.  I will be posting a message the Lord laid on my heart about faith.




  1. Thank you for this very encouraging post! After your fast you should enjoy Coffee w/Jesus! There is a group on Facebook called Coffee with Jesus and they have their morning coffee while they do their devotions with the Lord. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of a daily quiet time yet with my new son but he’s 10 months old now. Hopefully I will get back to my regularly scheduled time soon. 🙂

    • Cathy:
      Thank you for sharing about the Coffee w/Jesus Facebook group. I haven’t really gotten into Facebook, but what I am thinking is if there is a group on Facebook like this, then there must be others off Facebook.
      I’ll keep you in my prayers about daily quiet time. I know it is hard with such a little bundle of joy. I use to leave my Bible laying around the house, one in the restroom, one in the kitchen one on top of the dryer and nightstand. Then I could sneak some of God’s Word whenever I passed by. I also use to listen to the Bible on tape. This always seemed to sooth my little ones too.
      Have a great weekend.

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