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Body Gospel by BeachBody Product Review

Here’s my disclaimer:  I received no compensation for the review of The Body Gospel exercise program.  BeachBody sent me a copy of their product to use for 30 days.  The views in this product review are my own based on my experience.

Now for the fun part.  Don’t we all start of each New Year with resolutions?  The answer would be yes, but here we are 17 days into the new year and where are your resolutions?  Don’t we all want to take better care of our bodies?  To get in shape, tone down?  Well… keep reading.

Body Gospel is Your Faith Based Weight Solution.  Body Gospel is made by Beachbody.  The package I received included the following items:

  • Body Revival: This calorie-blasting cardio workout lifts your spirit, slims your body, and leaves you feeling energized all day long.
  • Core Revelation: Lose those love handles and define your abs while slimming and trimming your thighs and backside.
  • Stretch in the Spirit: Increase your flexibility, reduce stress, and breathe new life into your healthy temple.
  • Power & Praise: An interval-training workout with Donna’s specially designed resistance bands to help tone and define your muscles while you burn fat.
  • Gospel Glory: An advanced body-slimming cardio workout to help shrink your hips and thighs, and flatten your tummy.
  • Strength & Spirit: Alternates between strength and cardio training for maximum fat and calorie burning. Sculpt and tone your body from head to toe.
  • Total Transformation Guide: Includes a 30-day workout calendar, goal-tracking journal, and daily scripture to help strengthen your faith in God and yourself.
  • Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide: Lose weight and have more energy with Donna’s delicious and filling recipes for meals and snacks. You’ll stay satisfied and on track without feeling like you’re on a diet.
  • Body Gospel® Training Cards: Perfect for beginners or people on the move for a quick workout on the go—any time, any place.
  • Body Gospel Bands: Pro-grade resistance bands that will help you engage your core and upper and lower body–all at the same time. You’ll sculpt and define long, lean muscles with these breakthrough bands.
  • 24/7 Online Access: Body Gospel online is truly a fellowship of fitness. Join live chats with Donna and other Body Gospel users, plus you’ll get free training tips, nutrition tools, and personal assistance from our online Coaches.

Finally an exercise program that you can combine your faith with.  This is the first type of program I have seen.  I’ve done a review on another weight loss program that uses the Bible, but this is the first that I’ve seen that actually incorporates the exercise moves and equipment.

Each of the exercises are set to gospel inspired music.  This exercise program was created by fitness icon Donna Richardson Joyner.  She shows you how to combine this effective program with your faith in God to transform your body and your life. With glorious music guaranteed to get you moving, every workout is a “party with a purpose,” and the results will amaze you.

Whether you have five, ten or 20 minutes this program will give you uplifting workouts to meet your time constraints or ability.  Anyone can do these exercises from the young to the old.  But please always check with your physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

I have to admit that when I received Body Gospel in the mail I was not too excited, another exercise program.  I’ve tried many only to face failure on the other side.  Not with Body Gospel.  I love the gospel inspired music that each exercise is choreographed to.  Not only are you giving your body a workout but you’re getting your faith fed too.  I started out with the program on the beginner level, I mean after all I’ve been sick for weeks and just finished up the holiday’s, I was not in shape.  I was surprised at how quickly I’ve progressed.  Yes, I was sore the first few days as my body became accustom to the different range of motions.  Of course my flesh, told me I didn’t have to actually use the program to write an honest review.  But my spirit won over and I finished a full 30 days of using the program.  My girls loved to dance around to the music while mom faithful followed the instructs on each DVD.

After thirty days, I have decided to continue using the program.  I will be using it every other day as this is what fits my schedule.  The great thing is I don’t have any huge due’s to pay to a big gym to get fit and I can do it in the privacy of my own home.  I can do it to music my children can listen to and not be ashamed.

I hope you’ll stop by the Body Gospel website and check out all they have to offer.  I don’t think you will be disappointed especially if you are like me who has searched far and wide for something like this.  Exercise while bring God the glory.  Here is the link to the site:

P.S.  I have shed 3 inches due to the program and dropped  14 pounds which does not include the weight I lost while I was sick.

Until next time.



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