Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 2, 2011

Where is you memorial?

Are there objects in your home that serve as memorials to you of God’s faithfulness?  For example, a picture, a cancelled check, a paid off debt, a child?

Do you have certain dates you could designate as a memorial anniversary?  To recall the special provisions of God on your behalf?  Just as the Lord instituted the Passover to commemorate the mighty supernatural acts of God on behalf of the Israelites.

Let it become a yearly habit of recalling God’s goodness when your date rolls around.  Or each time you see that memorial in your house recall the goodness of God shed abroad in your life.

Some people keep gratitude  journals or keep little memento’s of God’s hand in their life.  But, I am advocating a time each year or each month, day, etc.  When you bring this to your memory and recall the goodness of God.  His mercy and grace.  This will help you keep it fresh in your mind.  This will serve as a faith booster.

Me and my girls are planning on doing this.  We are going to keep a memorial of each thing God has done for us.  To help us keep an eternal perspective not an earthly one.  We will have anniversary dates of God’s goodness.

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