Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 8, 2011


I’ve been daydreaming again.  I am alert at 1am in the morning.  We’ve been having strange weather here in Florida.  I think the whole USA has been having strange weather.  I heard the other day about a paper in Tulsa, OK that did not get their newspaper out the other day due to the snow storm that stopped America.  First time in over a hundred years.  Interesting tidbit.

I’ve been dreaming of the places that I’d love to visit, maybe even live one day.  I’ve lived in Michigan, miss it some for the snow factor and the girls want to see it sooo bad.  I’ve lived in Florida.  End of story.

My dream place to visit would have to be Australian.  The land down under.  I would love to spend six months there.  I would love to study the territories, people, natural resources.  I think I would also like to work on a ranch.  I would love to muster sheep.  Chase a Mickey Bull.  Ride a horse all day and live to tell about it.  I would like to take my children with me on this awesome adventure.  I think they would have just as much fun as dear ole mom.

My second place would be Montana, what my mom always called God’s country.  I would love to spend six months there too.  I think I could see myself living there.  Of course I would have to have an indoor heated swimming pool so I could swim while looking outside at the blizzard conditions.  I would love to have at least 200 acres or more.  Have horses, cows, maybe even sheep.  Live off the land, raise your own beef, milk and cheese.

I know I am strange.  My dear husband wouldn’t go with us I am sure.  If he leaves the state of Florida he turns into a pumpkin or so he thinks.  Can you believe he is 35 years old and never crossed the Florida border?  I can’t.

I cross the border every chance I get.  Whether it is literally or in my imagination.

Last but not least, I’ve even considered Canada.  Not sure what the appeal there is, but then again I don’t know much about this country.

How about you?  Where are the places you long to visit, move to?  Are they real?  Imagined?

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