Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 12, 2011

A Faithful Woman Monthly Planner Review

Amy Herman from Split Pants Production sent me a digital version of A Faithful Woman Monthly Planner 2011 to review free of charge in return for an objective product review.  I used the product in my daily scheduling activities for work and home.

This is the first digital planner that I have ever received to review.  At first, I was skeptical.  To use up all my printer ink and time to print out a planner just didn’t seem worth it at the time.  I have to confess I am glad I did, or I would have missed out on an awesome product.

Here is a link to Amy’s facebook page and contains more information on her planners.  A Faithful Woman Planner.

Since I was sent a digital version of the planner due to the fact that all the 2011 copies were sold out, I don’t have a photo to insert here for your viewing pleasure.  I also don’t want to take a page from the planner and insert it here, as this would be a violation.

A Faithful Woman Monthly Planner is designed specifically with busy Christian Women in mind.  When I read this the first thought was this was me!  So busy in fact that half the time I don’t have the time to plan.

Each Faithful Woman Monthly Planner contains the following items:

• Week to Page diary
• Schedule Planner
• Month to Page Meal Planner and Calender
• Quiet Times Journal
• Inspiring quotes

Now keep in mind this planner was designed and printed in Australia.  So all the holidays listed are Australian holidays.  That was the only draw back to me.  But it is easy to insert our American holidays as necessary.  Amy originally designed the Faithful Woman Monthly Planner for her book club called A Faithful Woman.

My favorite section was the “Living Out God’s Plan” Divider page.  On this page are seven priorities for our personal use.  You can examine these priorities on a regular basis to see if you are meeting your goals with the Lord.  Each divider has attractive Scripture references which was an added plus for me.  There are several dividers included in each planner and here are just a few:

1.  Living Out God’s Plan

2.  The Bible Always Commands To Meditate on

3.  Different Scripture with clip art.

Each monthly planner contains the following pages:

1.  An Important Information page that contains places for filling in information for name, address information to clothing sizes and identification numbers.

2.  A Birthday page that contains all 12 months and lines for you to fill in names under each month so you’ll be less likely to forget those special days.

3.  A Quick Contact List.  Which contains letters A-Z for you to input numbers that you call on a regular basis.

4.  School terms and Holidays which don’t forget are based on the Australian schedule.

5.  A Yearly Calendar for 2011 with all the months in one place for quick view.

6.  A meal Planner Calendar with space to plan on.

7.  A Daily Calendar

8.  Book Club Pages for your note taking fun.

9.  Remember pages for notes.

10.  Training Your Thoughts Section

11.  A Parent’s Prayer Program.

12.  Goals Section.

13.  Quiet Time Section.

There are other sections but I don’t want to give it all away.  You’ll just have to trust me.  I loved this planner, I would love to do a review next year when I can hold the bound planner in my hand.  After all in my book touching is believing.

Thank you Amy, for letting me do a review.

Until next time,




  1. Thanks for the review melissa.

    I thought I’d let you and your readers know that the monthly planner is now on sale and can be viewed and ordered at

    This year the planner has US federal holidays for all our American friends

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