Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 5, 2011

It’s Party Time Again

We love to have parties at the Water’s household.  We are finally having Savannah’s Birthday, she has been so patient.  But, with my schedule, her schedule of riding lessons and horse shows, Maddie’s schedule and Daddy’s schedule it wasn’t easy to coordinate.

She is so excite, she’s already opened her gifts, but not from the one’s attending her party tomorrow.  She has asked for cold hard cash.  Riding lessons, horse tack and care are expensive.

Here is a photo of her at her first horse of 2011.

She had a lot of fun and learned at lot at this show.  We were so proud of her.  This is not her horse, it is her teacher’s horse Cody who is trained better than Savannah.  LOL

We have been working with Red Bud trying to get him ready for Showmanship at Halter.  But you know that saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

We plan to have our party tomorrow around the pool.  It has been so nice here, we can’t stand it any longer.  As I was getting the pool ready this afternoon, the water was awful cold to me but the girls are excited and I couldn’t break their hearts.

We are planting our garden after the party tomorrow.  That should be an adventure.  Nothing like playing the dirt.

My Valentine’s present, Hugapooh is growing like a weed.  I have to take her for her shots next week, and I am interested to see just how much she has grown.  Last weight was 1.50 lbs.  She sure is in the chewing stage, fingers, toes, socks, shoes, etc.  You name it.  But I still love her.  Seven years I waited to find just the right Pomeranian. 

Well, I need to hit the hay, busy day tomorrow.  Upcoming events are a horse show First weekend in March.  My anniversary on the 20th.  Spring.  Many more reviews coming.

Have a blessed day, until next time,



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