Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 10, 2011

Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who Do You Appreciate?

I know, I know, I am a day late in my post.  It seems that I haven’t stopped since the last post.  Sometimes, I don’t even know if I am coming or going.  Work has really picked up.  To the point that the phone never stops ringing.  Which makes it hard to concentrate.  No matter the task, writing or bookkeeping.  I am not complaining, after all we have goals to met.  I just want to stop the merry-go-round for a little while.  Do you ever feel like that?

When I am feeling overwhelmed, I like to sit back and play a  little game I remember from grade school.  Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who Do You Appreciate?  I like to think of all the things the Lord has blessed me with.  All the good things.  Basically take the focus off all the negative.  Lately, it seems there is a lot of negativity going around in our world.  Gas prices, prices of anything, war, rumors of war, unrest, oil, etc. You name it and it is all negative.

So who do I appreciate?  I am very appreciative to Vernon who works for Scoggin’s Chevy in Chiefland, FL.  My door’s handle on my car somehow got mysteriously broken.  Of course no one in our house especially my dh (hint, hint) would own up to it.  When we found out that it cost almost as much as a new door to fix, I was a little negative.  I didn’t know what to do.  One it was a major safety hazard.  So I went and talked to one of my favorite customers at the Citizen newspaper.  Every Thursday he comes in and he is always smiling and you can see the joy overflowing.  Thanks be to Vernon, my car was fixed!  I didn’t even have to buy a whole new door.  Thank God.  I appreciate you Vernon.

My car went in for more service this week, which we all know tends to bring out the negativity in a person.  My little HHR needed a transmission flush and filter change it was time.  I also needed an oil change.  So I let my dh who drives my car now that he is taking the girls back and forth to school.  Mom gets the truck!  I am so excited to have my big ole’ truck except when I have to fill it up.  So anyways, I digress.  My car went in perfectly fine, just regularly scheduled maintenance.  It comes home making noise.  My dh took it back and explained to the place that it wasn’t making this sound when he brought it in.  You have to know my dh to love him.  He is the most passive person when it comes to dealing with others outside his household.  Me, I tend to be a little more demanding.  When I take something in to be worked on, I want it back in better shape than when I brought it in.  I am not afraid to say so.  If I receive good service I tell ten people.  If I receive horrible treatment I tell 100 people.

So… the Tire Mart talked my dh into believing that it was the muffler making the sound, even though it wasn’t making that sound before they touched it.  He brought the car home and kept telling me how unnoticeable it was.  Well… I didn’t drive the car until Tuesday when I took Savannah to her riding lesson.  I noticed the sound right away and to me if wasn’t very unnoticeable.  The next thing that struck me as odd was how the car shifted from gear to gear.  I have an automatic, but still you shouldn’t feel it shift.  SO I was not a happy camper and all these negative thoughts were running through my head as I pictured my little car being wound up like a rubber band just to propel it down the road.

When my dh called home on his lunch hour I proceeded to tell him about all the things I found wrong with the car.  God please forgive me, I was not happy.  So the next day my dh had to take the car back and his passive self explained to him that his wife was not happy.  Come to find out the transmission was 2.5 quarts low.  I may not be a mechanic but when you drive a vehicle you get to know it.  My car is now all better.

As the negative thoughts threaten to over take you, stop!  Starting thinking of who, what you can appreciate.  It helps believe me.  Before I came to know the Lord I would have been jumping up and down screaming all kinds of ugly words about my car.  But instead, the positive focus took over and the world seemed to be a better place.

Until next time,



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