Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 12, 2011

Upcoming Reviews Announcement

I am currently reading “Hurricanes in Paradise” by Denise Hildreth to write a review.  So stay tuned for this book review, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I have another book review that I plan on beginning as soon as I finish the above book.  I have two Christian Music Artists to review also coming up.  Just in time for Summer vacation I have a game review.  And last but not least, a pen review (my favorite type of review). LOL

We have a very busy Summer planned here at the Water’s household so I plan on doing one review a month during the months of May through August.  That way I can spend time with my family.  We are planning a trip to Montana this year to see the house I inherited.  We plan on visiting the Corsica horse sale in South Dakota.  We also want to visit Texas and see the Alamo.  I want to go to Michigan this year to visit family and friends, but I don’t know.  We have to work around dh’s schedule.

The girls get out school this year early, May 19th is their last day.  Savannah has quite a few horse shows scheduled for this summer.  I have a trail ride and two speed events that I’ve entered.  Madison will be sewing this summer she wants to make a quilt.  Gabby hasn’t made any plans yet, she just goes with the flow.

Thanks for reading, until next time,



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