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Book Review – Hurricanes in Paradise A Novel by Denise Hildreth

Hurricanes in Paradise A  Novel by Denise Hildreth (Tyndale May 10, 2010) 384 pages.

When I was browsing the Tyndale website for book reviews this title stood out to me.  “Hurricanes in Paradise”.  One I hate hurricanes.  I have a fear of them.  Go figure since I live in Florida.  Paradise caught my eye, who wouldn’t want to live in Paradise.

Hurricanes in Paradise

Riley Sinclair is the main character of this novel by Denise Hildreth. Riley knew from the moment she stepped onto the Island of Paradise that her life that had been broken was finally turning around.  The setting takes place on Paradise Island, Bahamas.  I’ve never been, but the author makes you feel as if you are actually walking on the beach with Riley throughout the entire book.

Riley is beginning a new job at the Atlantis Hotel, she will be director of guest relations at this five-star resort.  Each page keeps your attention and craving for more as you read about this exciting story from Riley as well as three other women guests whose lives have been broken at some point in time.

One thing I loved about this book was how life-like it was.  The author takes four ordinary everyday people and shares their deepest hurts and how they together reach healing.  How the Lord has all our plans in His hand and it is in His time that they are discovered or revealed.  This book was not overly religious for those of your squirming in your seat.  You can read it if you are not a Christian, but I must warn you it will cause you to stop and think about the path of salvation.

In the book, Riley and three women guests are in desperate need of each other.  They don’t know it, but the Lord does and He leads them to one another time and time again.  The outcome, powerful friendships!

You are probably asking where does the Hurricane in the title come from.  A hurricane is headed straight for the island and together these four everyday people must embark on a journey through a physical storm and the one that has shattered their lives.  As you read each page these four shattered lives are forged in friendship and healing.

I was very impressed with the book.  I’ve read some of the reviews and I thought they were a little harsh.  I definitely won’t walk past a Denise Hildreth book without reading the back cover.

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