Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 30, 2011

Internet problems

I posted previously that my internet was down.  I was going through withdrawals.  Apparently two weeks ago Sunday, someone hit a telephone pole on the road behind our house.  They broke the pole in half and the only thing holding it up was the wires.  They weren’t hurt, thank God.  But…

That is when my internet problems began.  The power company told my husband that we wouldn’t be without power, but since he never uses the internet he forgot to ask about that.  So the next time I tried to log on to the internet from home, I got no connection.  I tried trouble shooting the problem myself only to come up empty-handed.

The next step was to call tech support.  I hate calling tech support.  Usually you get to talk to someone whose second language is English.  But I was pleasantly surprised by AT&T’s tech support.  They warned me that I might experience longer than normal wait times, but once I went through the prompts and kept screaming “HELP”, I was transferred right away to an English-speaking person who was very helpful.  She informed me that my whole entire area was without service due to the accident.  Not very helpful since I wanted to get on the internet then, but at least I was able to know why I couldn’t.

So she told me I should be up and running by Wednesday this was Friday.  As Wednesday dawned, I logged back in to get my internet fix.  Wrong!  There was still no connection and I retraced the steps above.  This time the tech support personnel informed me that my modem had died and apparently didn’t go to heaven.  So they said they would send me one out.  It wouldn’t go out until Monday and I could have it by Wednesday but no later than Friday.  My first thought was, are they making one?  Are they sending it by Pony Express?  But I remained calm.

Then on Wednesday when I returned home from work, there was a little brown box waiting for me.  I was overjoyed.  That is until I opened the box and began following the directions.  I am not computer illiterate.  I can trouble shoot most problems.  But the program told me I had to upgrade my desktop computer as this is the host.  I had to download a complementary copy of Internet Explore 8.  I hate Internet Explore, I refuse to use it but the program set-up for the modem said it wouldn’t work without it.  So I downloaded it and then I tried to re-install the program and once again it said I needed to upgrade to IE8.  I had already done that so I was getting a little frustrated.  I said forget it and opened my all time favorite Firefox and began to ignore their recommendations.  Guess what?  It worked, my internet and modem were restored in less than 15 minutes.  So I am no longer having withdraws.

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