Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 3, 2011

April Fool’s Day

Do you like April Fool’s Day?  Or do you despise it?

I happen to like April Fool’s day.  Not because it lets me have free rein on playing pranks all day.  But because, April 1, 1931 was my mother’s birthday.

My mother passed away in 2006, but every April Fool’s Day I am reminded that this was the day that she was born.  April Fool’s Day makes me miss my mom almost as much as Mother’s Day.  That is another day that I feel deep sadness at my loss.  My Mother would have been 80 years old this year on her birthday.  But unfortunately, she won’t see her 80th birthday.

The downside of April Fool’s Day for me is the pranks.  I am not much of a prankster.  I always wondered how my mom put up with having her birthday on this so-called holiday.  But, if you knew my mother you would realize just how quickly she outshone this prankster day.

My uncle’s birthday is the day after April Fool’s Day.  I just imagine the comments he gets about his birthday.  He is the tail end of the fool, etc.

Do you have a birthday on some holiday?  How do you cope?

Just remember the Lord made you and it was His plan that you were born on the day you were born.  So instead of competing with the holiday, celebrate it as a Holy Day.  It was the day the Lord made you!

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