Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 9, 2011

The Grandfathers DVD Review

Karen Davis of The B&B Media Group, Inc., sent me a review copy of The Grandfathers DVD to review.  I didn’t have quite a month to review this DVD, but my family watched this DVD twice.  Me and my girls loved it and recommended it to anyone who asks!

From sacrifice to reconciliation, a young man discovers his heritage in The GrandfathersThe Grandfathers was produced by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM).  EGM’s has also produced End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor.  EGM is an educational nonprofit organization exploring the critical issues of our time through film and new media.  You can visit them at EGM.

The Grandfathers showcases both the burden and benefit of the Saint family’s legacy.  Jesse Saint, Steve’s oldest son and Nate’s grandson, was not raised among the tribe like his father.  He struggles to find his place under the weight of the memory of a famous grandfather he never knew and a heroic father he does not fully understand.  This will all change after Jesse travels to the jungles of Ecuador with his family and gradually forms a special bond with Mincaye, one of the tribesmen who took part in his grandfather’s murder.  Only then will he confront his family’s past and come to terms with his own destiny.  And there he will find his place in this story.  This an excerpt from the press release by The B&B Media Group, Inc.

The DVD cover gives this brief description:

A young man searches for his identity while living among the tribe that murdered his grandfather.  The Grandfathers is a motion graphics film  by writer/director Jim Hanon and producer Mart Green.  It is the last film in the trilogy that includes the documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor and the feature film End of the SpearThe Grandfathers is the story of Jesse Saint’s quest for significance and wholeness in a world inspired by Nate Saint, his grandfather.  Only after living deep in the Amazon jungle does he find a greater meaning and  purpose for his life.

After the first time viewing this movie, all I could think was amazing.  The graphics were awesome and kept the mood light even in the most tense of scenes.  I did watch the movie Beyond the Gates of Splendor a few years ago, but even if you’ve never seen the previous two movie’s in the trilogy you can watch The Grandfathers as a stand alone and not be lost.

I was very pleasantly surprised that the movie did not lag in any way.  The movie jumps back and forth with Jesse relating his story and scenes from the Amazon.  The message that this movie depicts is forgiveness.  A family forgave a tribe that murdered their father/grandfather.  How they opened their hearts and homes by the grace of God.

This is a christian film and even though a major part of the plot is a murder it is suitable for children.  My youngest is six and I did not find any offending scenes.  The Dove Foundation has given it their seal of approval.

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