Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 1, 2011

Worship….We were created to worship God.

We fight for the liberty to worship God, even in America.  Don’t you think we should make more use of that liberty?

We fight each day for religious freedom, we fight against forces unseen and forces that can be seen.  We can’t pray in our schools.  But right now we have liberty to worship God.  So why aren’t we worshiping God?  Are we going to wait until this liberty is taken from us, like prayer before we realize what we’ve lost?

I hope not.  While I have the liberty to worship, I want to be like David and dance before the Lord in praise, thanksgiving, unadulterated thanks.  I want my heart to go upward in spontaneous praise to my God.  My heart to outward, in public testimony and thanksgiving for God’s greatness.  My heart to go inward, in humble dependence upon God.  I can almost hear the music ascending to heaven as I sing for joy before the Lord.

So are you taking the liberty?

Until next time,



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