Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 18, 2011

No Reviews this week….

This now forty-year old won’t be posting any reviews this week.  I am still recovering from my birthday!  LOL

We all went to Gainesville for the day.  I even dragged dh away from Nascar, which is a feat within itself.  We dined at the Olive Garden.  I have been craving it.  Low and behold I saw a blast from the past.  Someone I dated before my dh.  Boy some days you just have to thank God for leading and guiding you life.  I am so glad I didn’t go down that road.

Then we went to my favorite bookstore.  Barnes and Noble.  The girls happen to love this store too.  They spend all their money.  My brother gave me a $150.00 so of course I spent it on a Nook card so I could buy new ebooks.  My dh wanted me to get a color Nook, but I am holding out until the 24th of May to see what new and exciting thing B&N is going to release.

Then we went to my favorite store in the mall.  The Lilypad.  I was soooo disappointed they didn’t have the pattern purse I wanted from Vera Bradley.  I wanted to wait and buy one off ebay but dh wouldn’t have any of that.  So I got a new style, I am a creature of habit and a new pattern.  The pattern actually grows on you.  It has all my favorite colors in it.  Purple, and more purple and very summery if that is a word.  Then we went to my second favorite store, Bath and Body Works and smelled each and every perfume.  The girls loved that, not so sure about dh.  I found three I loved and they went home with me.  Then we went to a few other stores in the mall and a few other stores in Gainesville.  Needless to say everyone was exhausted by the time we got home.

I had a great birthday, so much so I forgot I was 40 until my older sister (60) called me.  So much for living in the fairy tale world.

I don’t have any reviews for you this week  and I apologize.

Until Next Time,



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