Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 26, 2011

Rain Dance!!!

I just have to share what my girls have been up to this summer vacation.  Instead of working on their book reports that are due in August when school starts they’ve been playing in the sprinkler.

We went down to visit Poppa last night after riding lessons.  He was giving the horses a water bath to cool them off, so of course my girls had to jump in.

I don’t know who got wetter, the horse or the girls.  Then we moved the water to the sprinkler for the girls to play in and cool off.  They decided to play car wash – which is where one girl takes the hose and the other two drive up and get washed from head to toe with the water hose.  This lasted awhile.  Then they decided we needed some rain so they began to do a water dance.

They stood in the middle of the sprinkler and danced and chanted trying to get the perfect blue skies to open up and drop water down on them.  This game lasted longer than the previous one.  Me and my dad just sat there and laughed.  The crazy things kids do.  I couldn’t get over the smiles and just how happy one little water sprinkler made three little girls.

We had to take a break and have a popsicle.  Which they always get all over them and are one huge sticky mess.  Thank God for water and it being free.  Gabby came up with a new game.  Water tag, they each took turn chasing each other with the hose.  If you get hit with the spray your it.

I hope your summer vacation is going well, I know my girls are enjoying it one drop of water at a time.  The thing I don’t understand is we have a pool and the girls would much rather play in the sprinkler. Go figure.

Needless to say we never did get any rain, I guess rain dances don’t work.

Until Next Time,


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