Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 4, 2011

Prefense Hand Sanitizer Product Review

Prefense, LLC graciously allowed me to review their new product, PrefensePrefense is a silica based hand sanitizer.  Prefense is alcohol free!  One application protects through 10 hand washings.  As a mother, I know how important that is.

Prefense is a hand sanitizer provides safe, all-day antibacterial protection from germs and bacteria.

Prefense advantages:

  • 100% Alcohol Free!
  • Sanitizes skin and nails on contact.
  • Proactively and persistently offers protection from germs up to 10 hand washings without reapplication.
  • Patented formula adheres t skin forming a proactive antibacterial barrier, wet or dry.
  • Contains moisturizing Silica Complex with soothing organic botanicals to prevent drying, redness and chapping.
  • Patented formula is safe for kids.

I was so excited when I was contacted to do a product review of this new product.  I have a daughter who has been diagnosed with OCD.  One of the symptoms of OCD is compulsive hand washing or the use of a antibacterial liquid.  The other products on the market contain alcohol and are very drying to her hands no matter what the other ingredients include.  So needless, to say her hands were dry, red and cracked from excessive hand washing and the use of antibacterial liquids to kill germs.  Soon as Prefence arrived in the mail I immediately starting letting her use the product.  We noticed a difference in her hands almost immediately.  The redness was going away and they were not so dry they were cracking.  She even made the comment that her hands felt so much better.  As a mother, this is important to me.  I hate that she has this compulsion to wash her hands and get rid of germs repeatedly, but God willing she will out grow it.  In the meantime, any products out there that can help her cleanse her hands without the harmful side effects are what I purchase.

Prefense benefits:  Prefense provides safe, unsurpassed antibacterial protection for hands by promoting and protecting the health of adults and children.  Prefense has been tested against strains of Staphylococcus aureus including drug resistant MRSA strains.  Prefense offers long-lasting protection against germs.  Prefense stops skin to skin transfer of germs.  Prefense is has easy to use rapid, foam application.  Prefense is colorless and is invisible on application and will not stain skin or clothing.  Prefense is a water based product is non-flammable.

Buy It: Prefense comes in 3 different products: 8 oz bottle sells for $16.99, 1.5 oz bottle sells for $6.99 and the hand sanitizing wipes also sell for $6.99. Pretense products can be purchased directly from Pretense or at a store near you.
It has become a staple on our grocery list.
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