Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 6, 2011

June….Oh it has been so HOT and dry in Florida

Well, June has arrived to our sunshine state.  The first of June is the first day of many things.  First day of hurricane season.  Right off the bat we had a tropical depression located off the east coast of Florida.  It was supposed to come ashore near Jacksonville, but we all know Mother Nature doesn’t like to be put in a box.  It actually went ashore near Daytona.  We didn’t get a drop of rain from it.  It cooled off a few degrees and about seven miles down the road they got a lot of rain, but not us.  Our farm is starting to look like a desert.  The horse pastures still have green grass Thank God.  But our lawn is brown and cracks when you walk on it.  We definitely need some moisture.  Our garden according to my girls is surviving.

My headache is gone.  It lasted almost two weeks and then I got an outer ear infection around Memorial Day.  So I think that was just the precursor to my ear infection.  I am glad it was gone before I left for the Lone Star State.  Yep, I set foot on Texan soil not long after Memorial Day.  What a difference in climate.  I have always stereotyped Texas as one big dust bowl with nothing green and growing.  I’ve been told since my visit that if you go further south you’ll see more arid conditions.  But where I was near Austin it was gorgeous.  Rolling hills, green grass and long-horned cattle as far as the eye can see.  I took plenty of photos for my daughter who wants to own a Texan spread some days.  No, I didn’t get to meet the Bush’s.  I wasn’t overly upset about missing them.  I did get to visit the Alamo which to me is more important to my country than a ex-president.  I was amazed at how well cared for the Alamo was.  It was a gorgeous place, filled with history.  It is definitely a place I want to take my girls after they’ve studied it in school.  Of course if you attend public school they may have written the Alamo out of history so be sure to question what you learn.

Had a nice visit with my brother.  And I am back home in the sunshine state now.  I am preparing for a trip to Silver Springs and Wild Waters with the girls and then it is off to Montana to visit the place I recently inherited and to see if the renovations and repairs are coming along as planned.  We haven’t decided if we are going to keep it or sell it.  I want to keep it for sentimental reasons and because I want to live in Montana.  I want to raise cattle, horses, sheep, goats and grow my own crops.  No, I don’t want to drop off the grid so to speak, but I just want to become self-sufficient on my own land in the middle of God’s country.

The girls are enjoying summer, they missed mom, and mom missed them.  They are having a read a thon this summer to see how many books they can devour.  They are doing the Barnes and Noble Summer reading program and they are also doing Tyndale’s Summer reading program.  They are so excited that they could win a color Nook or a Kindle.  I kinda hope they win a Nook if they win.  I am biased toward Kindles since I’ve been a Nook owner for so long.

Thank you for all your prayers about my headache and my travels, I sure appreciate it.

I have a book review coming up and a DVD review next.

Until Next Time,




  1. Hi M,
    I visit your town about twice a year. My best friend and her boys live there. Your place in Montana sounds awesome. Have you ever felt like writing about it on our group? Tell us about the repairs and all. That would spark some conversation.
    My kids are also doing the read a thon from Barnes and Noble. I have a blog also but haven’t had anytime to even download pictures, let alone write. I start my first Journaling class today at the library. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Amy in Florida

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