Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 10, 2011


Fatigue, what a strange word, but it seems that this is my word this week.  I am so tired, I feel like I need toothpicks to hold my eyelids open.  I thought it was jet lag from my Texas trip, but I didn’t fly.  I drove to the Longhorn state.  So that couldn’t be it.

No amount of caffeine has helped, going without caffeine has not helped either.  I’ve tried getting more sleep and I just toss and turn.  I’ve tried taking a nap and I still am  bone dead tired.  I am having trouble focusing and making decisions.  I can’t remember feeling like this in a long time.

My allergies have been acting up.  With the dry weather and the smoke from all the wildfires in the area doesn’t help matters.  My girls are experiencing the same allergy symptoms.  So it must be going around.

Today at work, around 1pm I was so tired I just couldn’t write anymore.  I couldn’t focus, the words wouldn’t come together in complete sentences.  I can hardly wait to see what I wrote.  LOL

I planned on going to bed early tonight, but other plans were made for me.  My dad lost his cell phone.  He doesn’t remember where, he has retraced his steps to no avail.  We reported the phone lost/stolen.  We are waiting on them to ship him a new one since he is leaving for Michigan the end of this month.  I tried calling it and the voice mail picks up immediately so where ever it is, it is off.  The phone company told me the phone has not been used since Sunday night so that is good news.  My dad is technologically challenged.  He doesn’t know what voice mail is or how to access it.  He barely knows how to make a call on his cell phone but he has to have the latest, greatest version.  So now he is getting the plain jane model.  So in case this one is lost or stolen.  I think he misplaced it, but he thinks he left it some where.  Which would normally be easy to find, but in this case he doesn’t want his daughter to know where he’s been or whom he’s been with.  So it is rather funny to me.  He should be up and running again by Monday.  So please don’t call him until then if you are reading this now.  LOL

Me and the girls attended the Chiefland Watermelon Festival this weekend.  They love to go to any parade.  The asked me if they could go to the annual Friends of the Library book sale and then attend the parade and then they wanted to leave and go eat Chinese food.  I thought it was funny.  They didn’t want to stay out in the 100 degree heat and look at all the vendors they just wanted books, candy and food in that order.  I have to admit I was rather happy myself.  It was soooo hot.  I am glad I took a cooler of water with us.  They all got tons of books and tons of candy.  Then we ate Chinese food in the nice cool air conditioning.  It was a great day.  Not much of a parade this year, mostly vehicles and contestants.

Until Next time, and maybe I won’t be so tired.



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