Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 12, 2011

Blog Housekeeping

It’s that time again, to let all my faithful readers and subscribers know what’s coming up.  I have a quite a few book reviews scheduled, three to be exact.  I have a kids DVD to review also.

If you have a product you would like me to review, please drop me a line and I’ll contact the company to see what we can do.

I don’t have much time this summer, I have quite a few trips planned and of course spending some time with my girls.  I can’t wait.  I feel like I’ve been all work and no play lately.  Of course that is not entirely true.  I took a trip to Texas that I thoroughly enjoyed.  We drove my truck out to the Longhorn state.  We stayed in bed and breakfasts all across the country on our way to Texas.  We went to the Alamo which was so filled with history.  We send everyone post cards.  Hope you got yours.

Me and the girls are looking forward to our Silver Springs, Wild Water trip.  Dad might even get to go with us.  If we can coordinate our schedules.  What child or adult for that matter doesn’t love water.  Then we have the Montana trip planned and maybe a Michigan trip.  All before the girls return to school in August.  We still have to schedule school physical and dental exams.  Oh, joy.

I plan to fit in some work here and there for the blog, I hope you don’t mind.  I also have to work my real job.  They are not thrilled with my plans for this summer.

I hope you all have a safe and blessed summer, Until Next Time,



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