Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 14, 2011

A life well lived with books!

I was finishing up a book this afternoon as the girls were swimming in the pool and I began to contemplate what I would read next.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  I had to ask myself where I wanted to go and whom I wanted to take me there.  Then I began to reflect on my reading habit over the last 25 years.

What I found fascinating was how my reading has changed over the years.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to read.  When I was too young to read myself, my older sister read to me.  Her favorite author was Stephen King.  You can just imagine the nightmares I had when I was little.  Now my older sister wouldn’t even let her children read Little Red Riding Hood, because Little Red Riding Hood brought her grandmother a bottle of wine.  Funny how when it’s your own children you censor what input they read.

So when I first started out to read we still had Jane and Dick books.  Remember those, guess I am dating myself.  Then when I read for pleasure, I read Stephen King.  After all my sister created a monster, I just couldn’t get enough of Stephen King.  That was one thing my mother would never deny me, a book.  I might not get candy or a toy when we went shopping but she would never tell me no on a book.  I had quite an extensive library.  After Stephen King, I drifted off into the realm of V.C. Andrews and Dean Koontz.  I also enjoy the stories about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.  Then for some reason I switched to Silhouette romance books for young girls.  That didn’t last too long.

I found a book store near our house that did book exchange so once I read a book I could trade it in for a point to be applied to a new book.  Oh, did I love this.  I never got into the Sweet Valley High books although my friends did.  I went through a stage when I read nothing but horse books.

When Stephen King got in his accident, I stopped liking his books.  He went too far to the dark side for me.  I stopped reading V.C. Andrews in high school.  After high school my reading tastes changed again, I had to read for college but I still loved to read for pleasure.  I discovered different authors, mostly the ones my mother read and then passed on.  I never did get hooked on romance books of any kind.  Oh, of course I read Judy Blume when I was little and giggled my way through Hello God it’s me Margaret.  I read the ones that we weren’t suppose to like, Queenie.

In college I switched over to John Grisham books after all I was studying in the legal field and these were right up my alley.  I hated that they took a lot of these books and made them into movies.  I would much rather read the books instead of watch the movie.  I’ve read biographies and autobiographies all through the years on different people.  I enjoyed the classics we had to read in high school and college, The Pearl, etc.

Once I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior I changed my reading habits again.  I instigated a rule, I would never read for pleasure more than I read in God’s Word.  God left me His love letter and instruction to me.  So why would I not want to read it.  So I always read in my Bible first each morning.  The number of pages I read in God’s Word is the same number pages I allow myself to read for pleasure.  It is sometimes hard to keep my rule especially when it is a good book, but God’s Word is much more important to me.  Giving Him first place in my life is my goal.

Now my reading habits have changed again.  I like to Nicholas Sparks novels.  I’ve read everyone.  Just waiting on a new one.  I like a few of Nora Roberts books not for the love story part but for the action most of the time.  I loved Montana Sky and I liked the movie too.  I like Fern Michaels, especially her stories about the Texas and Los Vegas families.  Of course they have horses in them.  I like Elin Hilderbrand, Jean Auel, Jefferson Bass, Patricia Cornwell, Luanne Rice, Susan Wiggs, Scott Turow, Catherine Martin, Joyce Meyer, Ruth Myers.

Wow, when you really sit down and look back you realize how books have influenced and shaped your life over the years.  You should try it.

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