Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 29, 2011

This is a test… You should take!

I recently completed this test as part of my ladies Bible Study.  Now I am challenging you to take this test.

Are you thankful?  Are you blessed?  Or do you express ingratitude?  Ingratitude is defined as one who takes abundant comfort in the home and has ingratitude in the heart. The subtle temptation first to grow accustom to…then to expect… and finally to demand the blessings of God.

Ask yourself does abundance in your life produce appreciation or apathy?  When you receive an abundance of something do you appreciate it and share it or are you filled with apathy?

One way to discourage apathy is to set two minutes aside each day and write out 25 blessings.  This will help you keep an attitude of appreciation.  Not God forbid, demand the blessing.

Here is are my 25 blessings in two minutes, please feel free to share yours with me.

1.  My health and the healthy of my family.

2.  My home, and my home in Montana.

3. My husband.

4. My children.

5.  One more day on God’s creation.

6. Abundance of food.

7. Being clothed and sharing with others.

8.  Transportation.

9.  My job and my dh’s job.

10.  Our church that is alive.

11.  The girls school.

12.  Deliverance.

13.  Christ Jesus’ blood

14.  Rain

15.  Flowers

16. Technology

17.  Our dogs.

18.  Our cats.

19. Friends.

20. God’ Word.

21.  VW list.

22.  Our horses.

23. Joy that fills my heart.

24.  Blessing others and the ability to do this by God’s grace and mercy.

25.  Prayer.

Until Next Time,



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