Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 24, 2011

As the Water’s Family turns….

Just a quick update, I know you’ve all been emailing me to see how things are with my dad and all.

My dad found out the source of all his problems, it was a medicine interaction.  Not his carotid arteries.  He is still in Michigan right now.  He has to stay put until his medication is regulated and the doctor says he can travel.  So I am home for the time being.    I am praising God over the news, I thought  he was going to have surgery and I wasn’t looking forward to it for him.  For an 84 yr. old man the doctor said his carotid artery is fine.  Thank You Lord.

The girls go back to school on the 15th of August so we are trying to get school shopping, physicals and dentist appointments all finished up before then.  Oh, I forgot we are supposed to go on a vacation.  I want some secluded beach in the middle of nowhere with plenty of shade, books, coffee, raspberry ice tea and my family all together.  Wishful thinking?  If you know of the perfect place drop me a line.

I am currently working again, 33.5 hours a week until I need to make trips.  I am also reviewing stories for a good friend of mine, who recently joined the blog as a subscriber.  I love doing editing and revision work.  It is my dream job besides owning a book/coffee story.

I have some awesome reviews for you including a blog tour!

So be sure and stay tuned.

Until Next Time,


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