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My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord by Becoming Press

Heather Bixler of Becoming Press ( graciously sent me a copy of “My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord” to use for thirty day’s free of charge.  I became acquainted with Heather through Bible Study for Her website ( I took her five-week e-course “How to Study the Bible”.

So when Heather asked me to review her “My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord” by Becoming Press, I was excited.  I have studied different things in Bible, but I’ve never studied the fear of the Lord.  I’ve read that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge so I thought my Bible Study needed a different topic so I agreed.

On Becoming Press’s website, Heather quotes “When we fear the Lord we are simply obeying the Lord’s commands, and living a life that honors God. ”  According to Becoming Press – There are several scriptures within the Bible that talks about fearing the Lord. In this scripture journal we will focus on God’s promise to those who fear Him, and who love Him. Once you have completed this scripture journal you will have more confidence in God’s will for your life, and have a stronger conviction of the Lord’s word.

“My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord” is a 12 week study on what is meant to fear the Lord.  Each week is broken down into one verse per week to study.  For each day of the week you will do a different activity in order to help you commit the verse of the week to memory.  Each week we you move onto a new Scripture relating to the fear of the Lord.  At the end of each week there will also be 3 suggested discussion questions designed to promote use of the “My Scripture Journal” in a group Bible Study setting.

eBook: Reading Plan Only

You can now purchase the eBook version of My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord. With the eBook version you will receive the reading plan only. The only parts that are not included with the reading plan but are included with the paperback are the sections that allow you to write down your activities.

“The goals of My Scripture Journal is to help you to grow deeper in your walk with Christ by reading the Bible and memorizing Scripture.”

No matter your maturity level in Scripture this Bible Study is great!  From the beginner to the more experienced Bible student this study will work for you individually or in a group setting.  I used the product by myself for thirty days and I was truly blessed by it.  I actually committed 12 different Scriptures to memory.  I have hid His Word in my heart.

My favorite aspect of “My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord” was that at the end of the 12 week study I had a journal, I created.  I can refer back to it and review my Scripture memory and I can share it with others.  I loved that you can make it yours.

So, why not stop over at Becoming Press and be sure and tell Heather, that Melissa of Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog sent you.

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  1. Melissa is one of our studies we learned “fearing the Lord” meant resisting and standing against evil…..I liked that because I know fear is not of the Lord, He is the one from whom comes my strength to resist evil, I will fear no evil. Sounds like a wonderful study I will check it out…..Phyllis

    • Phyllis:
      Yes, I remember the study we did in Ladies Bible Study, thanks for reminding me. I hope you like the Bible study I mentioned.

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