Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 16, 2011

National Book Lover’s Day…

National Book Lover’s Day.  Have you ever heard of this?  I just heard about this special day this year.  I received an email informing me that August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day.

I know I am a little late posting this, but I couldn’t help but share with my readers.  I have such a passion for reading and I hope to pass this on to my children.

Do you love to read?  If so I’d love to hear what you are reading.  I am currently reading the Daily Reading Bible for the year.  I am reading an ebook called “Crush”.  I am reading a few others too.

Since I got my ebook reader (I’ve decided not to name it here since I’ve asked to review their new ereader and they’ve blown me off) I find myself reading more.  My book always fits in my purse and is at my finger tips all the time.  While I am waiting in line I can read, while I am on lunch I can read, almost anywhere.

Enjoy this great Day!

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  1. heh. didn’t know this.

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