Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 26, 2011

My Dad’s home!

My dad finally arrived safe and sound back in the Sunshine state on Friday morning around 3am.  What a load off my mind this is.

The girls are so excited to have their Poppa back.  We had to go see him as soon as they got off school Friday.  My brother brought him home and I am thankful for this.  What a summer, I hope next year he stays put or we can go with him for the whole entire trip but 3 months is a long time.  Especially with the medical issues we were having with him.  I am just overjoyed to have him back safe and sound.

This trip happened for a reason though.  It really opened some of my family members eyes.  It made me realize who I can count on and who is just in it for what they can receive.  Shame on them.  I am sorry my dad had to face what he did, but it was for a greater good.

Now the hard work begins we need a new doctor.  We need to find certain discharge papers to get him in to this new dr.  We need a dietician to show him how to eat now that he has diabetes.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog tour.  Please drop me a line if you did.

Until Next Time,



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