Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 9, 2011

Saying Goodbye…. Is the hardest thing we have to do.

Recently, my faithful companion of approximately 13 years was showing her years.  My Pomeranian, Teddy Bear, was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea about two years ago at the rough age of 10.  They vet prescribed medicine that would help her breath better, but unfortunately there is no cure.  They can perform surgery, but in the end it makes it worse when the scar tissue develops.  So we decided to go with the medicine instead of the surgery route.

The medicine seemed to improve her quality of life.  I spoke with the vet at the time of her initial diagnosis about when the time came.  She agreed with me that as Teddy’s owner I would know when the time came that Teddy was in pain.  I dreaded this day.  Doesn’t every responsible pet owner?

I got Teddy soon after I met my now husband.  I had recently lost my Pooh Bear who was also a Pomeranian.  So to fill the void left in my heart my dear husband decided I needed another Pomeranian to love.  Boy, was he right.  Teddy Bear entered my life and she was so small, she fit in the palm of my hand.  She slept each night faithfully in the crook of my neck or on my pillow.  She made sure that my dear husband did not get on my side of the bed with her little growl if he crossed the line.  She gave me unconditional love.  I loved her in return.  If you ask my husband, he would probably tell you that I loved her more than him.  I have no idea where he got that idea.

Anyways, two years after I received Teddy Bear, I became pregnant with my first child.  My husband had the idea that you couldn’t have animals in the house when you had a baby.  So we gave Teddy Bear to his aunt’s sister with the understanding that we wanted her back if she choose not to keep her.  What a mistake that was.  About six months later I received a call from his aunt that she could not control Teddy Bear and she needed to give her back.  Talk about an answer to my prayers.  When I went to pick up Teddy I found out they forgot to tell me that her leg was broke and in a cast.  Then to top it all off she had the nerve to ask me to pay for the vet bill.  When I arrived Teddy was crouched in a corner scared to death.  The minute she saw me she ran or should I say hopped to me.  She wouldn’t let me put her down.  I was appalled.  When I took Teddy to my vet, he told me that it appeared her leg was broken by someone yanking on it.  He said it also appeared that they were giving Teddy doggy a sedative.  When I questioned them about it, they said all Teddy did was bark, so they had to shut her up somehow.  That day I promised Teddy she would never again have to leave me and I meant it.

Well, Teddy was with safe at home.  She was with me through morning sickness when all I could keep down was bland toast.  She ate my crust for me, since I didn’t like it.  She use to do a little toast dance when I was trying to get my breakfast in me each morning.  It was so cute.  Her leg healed perfectly and you would never know that she had a broken leg.  Teddy had lasting effects from the abuse, she was scared of strangers.  She was not scared of me and my husband, but everyone else really stressed her out.  Poor thing.

As I became a stay at home mom, me and Teddy and each of our girls grew closer.  She was considered part of the family.  She loved the girls and was very comfortable around them.

As the years past, Teddy slowed down and then was diagnosed with the collapsing trachea.  The medicine that the vet prescribed worked well for awhile and then they stopped making it, or it became too hard for our vet to get.  So they recommended a liquid suspension formula.  It worked but not as well as the pills originally prescribed.  Age had finally caught up with Teddy, she began to get gray hair.  She couldn’t jump anymore and needed to helped in and out of the house.

Then one day… I sat looking in her eyes and realized the “time” had arrived.  I scheduled the appointment, we decided we wanted to bring Teddy home to bury her.  So my husband took her and held her while they administered the sleepy shot.  I had said my goodbye’s that morning.  It was one of the hardest goodbye’s I had to say.  I have a huge hole in my heart.  I don’t think there will every be another animal that can fill that void.

As you know in February, we got a new Pomeranian, Hugapooh.  She is a mess, she loves my husband so much.  She is really more his dog than mine.  But she has helped the grieving process.  I know Hugapooh will never be a Teddy, but she does make me smile.

So goodbye, Teddy, you are deeply missed.

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  1. So sad. I have 4 pomeranians and worry about when that day comes. My oldest is 12 and he is my love. Gold luck with your new pom. They are great at helping heal all wounds.

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