Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 13, 2011

Too Blessed to be stressed!

I know I did a review of a book with the same title not too long ago, but that is how I feel this evening as I sit here writing.

I recently started reading a book about simplifying your life.  Have you ever read a book on how to simplify your life?  Well, let me tell you it sounds like a great concept and most of the books that I’ve read had great ideas but no plan of implementation.

Let me share:  I have three children all under the age of 10.  I work outside of the home as well as inside.  I blog, edit and type manuscripts.  I am also in the process of writing a book.  I take care of my 84 year old dad.  We have homework, housework, and life that gets in the way.  Can you relate?

Probably all too well right?

The book I am reading gives great ideas but again it is a little lacking in the implementation process.   But, what I do like is that it leads you in the right direction.  It gives you examples from other people’s life that are just as busy as you are.  Then at the end of each section it gives you an exercise to complete.  Just small steps you can take in your own life based on your own situation to simplify.  It doesn’t give you steps to take based on someone else’s life it asks you to take the steps based on your own life.  I love this.  I have to admit the best part I love is taking a few minutes out when I feel hurried, rushed or stressed to just pause.  I stop what I am doing and just breathe.  I focus on God.  All the blessings He has blessed me with.  His love, His mercy, His grace.  The sacrifices that He has made on my behalf.  I know it sounds very simply, but it works.

I have been using this a lot at work.  When I step outside I leave everything about work inside and I focus on what I see outside, NOT on what I need to do next, but on the present moment.

I learned one important thing about myself.  I don’t like to be still.  I don’t like to be idle.  My mind is always working no matter what I am doing it keeps going on to the next thing and then the next thing and so on and so forth.  When I sit down to relax my mind is mentally running through  my to do list, the things I need to do, what to do and should do.  It is hard.  Try it, I pray you have an easier time of it than I am.  It is so hard to quiet my mind so I can hear what my heart is saying.

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