Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!

My dad has a birthday on October 1st!  I won’t say how old he is in case someone sees my post and tells him.  He doesn’t even know what the internet is or what a blog is.  So I guess that gives you a hint as to his age.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Dad!!  I pray that you have many, many more.  I am so thankful to have each day with you.  It is truly a treasure from God.  My girls love having their Poppa around.  My dad tells my girls not to call him grandpa as he isn’t a grandpa, although he was married to a grandma.  Funny huh?

Another blessing is that we live right next door to my dad.  We get to see him each and every day.  I know not all his grand kids were able to do this, so mine are truly blessed.  My dad has a love of horses always has and always will.  Of course his daughter discourages him from riding now days.  But, he is still able to enjoy his love as he watches my little girls fall in love with horses.  He knows so much about these majestic animals, I tell my girls all the time to listen to what he shares as he knows more than most about horses.  Just today he told me in his lifetime he has seen two horses lose a hoof.  The horse survived and the hoof grew back.  Amazing huh?

Lifetime experience is so hard to come by.  I wish I knew now what I didn’t know when I was a teenager.  That is why it is so important for us to honor our elders.  I try to instill that in the girls.  Especially when it comes to their Poppa.

So Happy Birthday, Dad and thank you for being my dad.  I truly have been blessed by God when He chose you to be my dad.

Love, Jason, Melissa, Savannah, Madison and Gabby

Until Next Time,



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