Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 11, 2011

Self-Examination Follow-up

Well, the verdict is in.  I received the responses from my two friends I emailed asking them to point out a few things about me.

I thought I would share with my readers what makes me authentically me.

1.  Both of my friends said my spiritual gift is a giving heart.

2.  I was also told that my biggest talent is that I always have a listening ear that makes me a great friend.

3.  I have the following eccentricities:  I have a little obsessive compulsiveness.  But one friends says don’t we all?

4.  My biggest weakness came in as – I worry what others think.  When I am great and don’t need to worry at all.

5.  I am unique in my friends eyes because I am a great mother and friend in a day in time when most people are self-centered.

I was so amazed to read my friends responses.  I asked them to be brutally honest.  I promised no matter what they came back with that I would be upset or get my feelings hurt.  After all I asked right.  I have such wonderful friends.  God truly has blessed me with the best friends in the world.  True friends are like diamonds they are very rare especially in these last days.

I want to encourage each and everyone here to write their friends and ask them to tell you something about yourself.  You’ll be amazed.

Until Next Time,



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