Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 13, 2011

Melissa’s Gleanings…

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you from my daily quiet time.  I am so amazed at the blogs that share each day with words and video what God has revealed to them.  I wish I had the time, but in the meantime I’ll just post my gleanings as I gather a full basket.

Does the Word of God thrill you?  Being thrilled with the Word of God is a decision.  It is a choice that you have to make each and every time you open your Bible.  Pray that the Lord will open your eyes as you read and speak to your heart.  That He would speak directly to you through the Bible.  That you would be a diligent hearer and doer of the Word of God.  I read the Bible out loud when I do my Bible reading.  I hear myself saying the words and the Word of God never returns void.  I’ve noticed that when I read the Word of God out loud that when I am troubled, discouraged or in a storm, those words return to me and lift me up and encourage me.

My pastor has a nickname “Praise the Lord George”.  Every where he goes he says praise the Lord.  The other day he came into the office and as soon as I saw him I lifted my hands toward heaven and said Praise the Lord.  A great big smiled crossed his face.  Now I was in a public place at the time with others who do not necessarily believe in God.  But I am not ashamed of God or His Son.

Sunday in church my pastor shared with me that the day he came into the office he was a little discouraged.  Feeling blue.  When he saw me and I hollered out praise the Lord, he felt his spirit lift and he wanted to say it too.  So don’t be afraid of praising God.  You never know who it may help.

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