Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 1, 2011

ER visits, Braces and life…..

Stop the ride, I want off!  That is how my life has felt lately.  It is spinning out of control and I don’t want to participate anymore.  I want to stop, step back and catch my breath.  Ever felt that way?

I am trying to finish typing my friends devotional and I have been burning the candle at both ends for far too long.  It is finally catching up with me.  That bone wearied tiredness has set in.  I could sleep for days or just one good night.  I am on December so I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just pray to God it isn’t a train.  No what I mean?

My daughter, Madison has recently had some dental work done and they installed a retainer inside her mouth.  Well… On Saturday,  Halloween, of all days the thing decided to let loose.  She had a one inch long wire sticking out of her mouth along with the band that was supposed to hold it on her tooth.  So after several phone calls – one to the pediatrician’s  office and then to the ped’s after hours who informed me they were not equipped to handle something like this.  Then to the dental clinic where she is seen who gave me the phone number of the on call dentist.  While waiting for him to return my call, and listening to Madison moan and groan in pain.  The dentist finally called me back and said, “I don’t really want to ruin your weekend as well as mine by having you drive into the office…”  I should have known the minute those words were out of his mouth that I was in trouble.  His expert suggestion was that we get wire cutters and clip the wire as close to the other brace as possible and then apply dental wax to keep the sharp point from hurting her.  Not very expert in my opinion, but who am I after all but a mother.  So my dh clipped the wire.  I ran to the store to find dental wax.  Well, it seems that on the pagan holiday each store I visited didn’t carry or were sold out of dental wax.  So as any good mother does I improvised.  I found something I thought would work and while we were checking out, I asked the lady one more time if she carried dental wax only to be told “NO”.  But. the Lord was with us this day as He always is.  The lady behind me said “My granddaughter left behind some dental wax, you are more than welcome to it.”  She asked me to wait at the store while she ran home to get it.  I couldn’t thank God enough.  So after we had the new package, still sealed (if you’re a mom you’ll know why I put this in) we headed home to cover a wire.  It worked for a while.  After dinner Madison began screaming that the wire was poking her.  Which to say the least is an understatement.  It was actually through the skin under her tongue and I couldn’t get it off.  Not while she was screaming and blood was spurting out.  So I did want anyone in my situation would do.  I packed it with gauze and held one hand in her mouth to keep pressure on it.  We all piled into the car and with the other hand, while my knee steered I called my dh and explained to him we were in route to the emergency room.  He said “I’ll meet you there.”  So as I drove one-handed and kept the other hand in Madison’s mouth we traveled the hour to the hospital.  When we arrived, they very matter of fact told me that the Ped’s emergency room had been moved across the street.  They must have seen the look in my eye because they quickly assured me that they would stop the bleeding and then transport us across the street.  Whew… then they explained that they could only transport Madison and me.  So as they worked on Madison to get the bleeding to stop we prayed that daddy would show up soon so he could transport the other two girls across the street.  Needless to say he arrived in the nick of time.  So we arrived across the street only to wait.  When we finally saw a doctor he said he would have to call in someone from dental, fine do it.  Much to our amazement after waiting two hours the one who was called in was the original on call dentist who did not want to ruin my weekend, nor his.  Let’s just say he kept his distance from me.  To make a long story short he removed the remaining retainer and we were set free.

Let me tell you if you can help it don’t visit a hospital emergency room on Halloween.  The number of children there totally amazed me.  They had all over dosed on sugar.

So… can you see why I want to step off this roller coaster called my life.  I need some rest, relaxation.  I can hear Jesus calling to me.  Come unto me, Melissa, all ye who are heavy laden…  So if you have been wondering where I’ve been the last few days, I’ve been with Jesus.

Until Next Time,



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