Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 3, 2011

Mom’s Weekly Planner 2012 from Peter Pauper Press Product Review

Peter Pauper Press graciously sent me their new 2012  Mom’s Weekly Planner to use for thirty days in exchange for an objective review.  I received no compensation for this review.  I did not purchase the Mom’s Weekly Planner from Peter Pauper Press.  So the review is strictly my own based on my use of the product.

If you know me by know from reading my reviews, you know I love purple.  So when I opened the package I was in love.  My favorite color.  Plus a way to stay organized with five different schedules.

As I’ve stated many times before in my reviews, I am a pen addict and a planner junkie.  I love organizational products.  I love to plan and then plan again.  The hardest thing that I face as a mother of three, wife is trying to keep five different schedules from conflicting.  My husband works nights and this creates even more chaos in our life.  So I was amazed at the quality the Peter Pauper Press Mom’s Weekly Planner displayed.  Sturdy front and back cover that are beautifully decorated.

Peter Pauper Press specializes in fine books, personal journals, stationary and gifts.  Definitely my place to shop.  I wanted to do a review of their new product, lap desk, but they weren’t available when I agreed to review the Mom’s Weekly Planner.  Maybe another time.

Mom’s Weekly Planner 2012 is an 18 month planner.  It is valued at $19.99.  The beautiful covers can be kept close with an elastic band.  Each two-day spread includes your weekly master plan, with a separate column for each family member.  Talk about convenient.  To have each person in my family’s schedule at the tip of my fingers.  The possibilities are endless.  My favorite things was that I didn’t have to write small.  I have large writing as it is and there was plenty of space to input five schedules each week.  If you have large hand writing you know exactly what I mean.  Most stationary products are created for people who write so small you need a magnifying glass to see it.  Not the Mom’s Weekly Planner from Peter Pauper Press!

There are tabs for each month, pages to keep addresses on file, and there are even tear-out columns for your ‘To Do’ lists… or ‘Honey Do’ lists.  I love this planner because it is small enough to carry with me wherever I go and yet contains so much information.  It is feminine and beautifully decorated unlike traditional planners.

The Peter Pauper Press Mom’s Weekly Planner would be a great gift for that special someone on your holiday shopping list.  Why not click on the Peter Pauper Press name throughout my blog and stop by their website.  Be sure and tell them Melissa of Melissa’s Musings, A Product Review Blog sent you.

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