Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 19, 2011

Blog Housecleaning…

You know… I don’t mind Blog Housecleaning as much as I do real housecleaning.  LOL

Anyways, I wanted to clean up my blog and do a little tidying up as the holiday season is fast approaching.  It was just May and now it is November.  My snow bird relatives have arrived bring that arctic air with them.  We were in the low 30’s the other night.  Brrrr.  So I hope you are staying warm and are more prepared for the holiday season than I am.

I wasn’t suppose to be cooking Thanksgiving, my dad’s friend was going to have it catered.  The best laid plans most often go awry.  Then DJ decided he wanted to go home to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Rhode Island.  So there went our catered Thanksgiving.  So guess who gets to cook? If you guessed “Moi” you were right.  I am hoping that my aunts and uncles will join us so it can be a community event.  I have to work up until the day of Thanksgiving this year so I don’t have much prep time except after work, after homework, after chores, after showers, after kids are in bed…  So you see my dilemma?

I am still trying to find someone to do a little re-design work on my blog, but it isn’t coming along as well as I had hoped.  If you know someone who does blog design for WordPress I would love to talk with them.  I don’t want anything major just a few extra side bar buttons and I would like to have to sides to post in between the words.  I want to keep the graphic of Jesus I love it don’t you?

I have a giveaway coming up.  It is on organization and I don’t want to give too much away, but prepare to be amazed and you won’t want to miss it.  I have some natural cleaning products also coming up as a review.  I have a book review on a book about 100 days of prayer.  I have some music reviews coming up also.  Best of all I hope to have some good gift suggestions for you before Christmas.  I might even have a handmade planner/organizer and a giveaway just in time for the New Year.

My girls are making their lists and checking three, four or is it six times now.  They keep changing their minds.  So what is on your Christmas wish list this year.  I thought I’d share mine:

1.  I would love to see one million souls saved before Christmas eve.  I would love for the gospel to be shared with these people.  I don’t care where these people are; just one million people coming to know Jesus.  After all… that could me that is  lost and dying if it weren’t for the mercy and grace of Jesus being shared with me.

2.  I would love to see everyone in the Tri-County area have a good, nutritious meal for Thanksgiving. No one would go hungry.  (Psst…don’t tell my dad, but I invited two such families to join us for Thanksgiving.)

3.  I’ve asked my dear husband for a Nook Tablet this Christmas.  I have the original Nook but I have been drooling over the new one.  Do I need this?  No?  Do I want this?  Yes.

4.  I’ve asked my dad for a new handbag this year.  As everyone will tell you that really knows me, I love Vera Bradley.  They recently came out with a new purple color and I feel in love.  Do I need this?  Yes, actually I do, my old purse is falling apart. (Just as a side note it is not a Vera Bradley it is a Coach, what a hunk of junk).

There it is a plain and simple Christmas list.  What’s on yours?

Until Next Time,


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