Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gabby!!! Seven years old..

Dear Sweet Gabby:

It was you seventh birthday!  I can’t believe you are already seven years old.  It seems like yesterday you were entering this world so close to the Saviors birthday.  It seems like yesterday you started to talk very early and never stopped.  It seems like yesterday you learned how to ride a bike, tie your shoes (oops that was yesterday).

You are the baby of the family, no matter how old you get you will still be the baby.  My smooshy chocolate baby.  Remember at the fall festival when you won the cake walk and the lady asked you your name and you said smooshy chocolate because mom calls you that so much?  That was so cute.  I pray that you have many, many more birthday’s to enjoy.  Thank you for being you, uniquely made by the hands of God.  Thank you for earning your name Gabby, grandma Flanagan would have called you Gabby Hayes. You even talk in your sleep.

Remember, mom loves you and so does Jesus.

Until Next Time,



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