Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 24, 2011

Melissa’s Musing is giving away a Common English Bible – No strings attached

Well, since November of this year I’ve been giving away a Common English Bible a week.  Or should I say I’ve been trying.  I am truly amazed at how many people have posted comments, liked my blog, shared my blog, tweeted my blog in order to enter the contest.  BUT.. when I try to email them or leave them a comment on their blog, dead silence.  I never hear from them again.  I am still trying to find a winner for the second week of this giveaway.  I’ve emailed one person and they’ve never responded.  I had to leave a comment on the second runner-up because her blog contains no contact information (which is strange she does product reviews) how do you contact this person if you want her to review your product?  Yikes.  I just sent out this weeks winner notification just awaiting a word.

I am upset by this. I am giving away the gift of life and I can’t even get the ones who posted to respond.  This is sad.  It breaks my heart.  How can this be, Lord?  I pray right now that you would lead people who need the Word of God to this blog, that they would comment, post, share or like and enter the contest to win a copy of Your Word.  That they would actually respond to the emails (or for that matter give me an email to contact them at) to let me know they are interested in winning  this free gift.  Lord soften their hearts to You and Your Word.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your entries in only if you plan on giving me a way of contacting you, and are really interested please.

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  1. Pick me!! 🙂 I’ll respond!!

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