Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 4, 2012

2012 in the Water’s Household

Well, since we are in a new year, I thought I’d catch up on what we’ve been doing.

I took off from December 23, 2011 until January 2, 2012 on vacation.  When I return to work I will return to work as a part-time employee.  I can only work 29 hours a week.  I am really looking forward to this.  I get to take my girls to school and pick them up each afternoon.  I know they are excited about this because the last two years they’ve begged me to do this.  The girls go back to school on the 2nd but mom doesn’t return to work until the 3rd.

We had a huge vacation planned for the Christmas holiday but that kind of fell through.  Our family received the flu bug from someone.  Our next door neighbor ended up in the hospital with it.  My dad got it first, then Madison got it, then Gabby, Savannah and then mom.  This was a horrible one that kept us grounded in Florida for the Christmas Season.  So the vacation will have to be re-scheduled.  The girls definitely want to see snow.  So do I really.

My husband was overjoyed because we stayed home.  He wasn’t planning on going on this vacation due to work.  So we celebrated Christmas at home.  We ate a store bought Christmas dinner on Christmas day.  I can’t say if it was good or bad as I didn’t get to keep it down more than thirty minutes.

The girls were so excited to open presents with their dad.  Some of their other presents are arriving via mail.  My family up north had purchased the girls presents and when we had to stay in Florida so they decided to mail them to us.

Once we got over the flu bug it was a great vacation.  My nephew and his family came in for a visit and a cook-out which I actually got to enjoy and keep down.  My girls love playing with my nephew’s boys.  We only get to see them about once a year.  I feel sorry for them they have to return to Wisconsin for the rest of the winter.

We are all well.  Which is good, I am  praying we stay that way.

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  1. Goodness! All sick! ❤ Im glad that you are all well, =D god bless you

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