Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 14, 2012

Melissa’s Gleanings….

I wanted to share some more of what the Lord has shown me in 2012, if you are a regular follower of the blog you know I like to call these “Melissa’s Gleanings” after Ruth gleaning in the book of the Bible Ruth.

I am reading the Common English Bible this year.

Genesis 4:3 CEB “Some time later, Cain presented an offering to the LORD from the land’s crops”

Cain presented an offering to the Lord from the land’s crops.  Previously in the Word of God there was no reference that the Lord requested a certain type of offering.  I had always thought that the Lord specified what was to be brought when offering, but this year reading in the Common English Bible, I discovered I had assumed wrong.  It pays to read and re-read.

Genesis 4:7 CEB “If you do the right thing, won’t you be accepted? But if you don’t do the right thing, sin will be waiting at the door ready to strike! It will entice you, but you must rule over it.”

When you do something wrong it opens the door for more wrong doing.  When you do something that you know is wrong doesn’t it become easier to do it the second time?  Sin is waiting at the door ready to enter your heart.  So is Jesus.  Which one will you let in?

Right behavior – Jesus

Wrong behavior – sin

God commands us to rule over sin.  Not the other way around.

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  1. Isn’t ‘Gleaning’ an offering that God asked the farmers to give what was left over after the harvest was done to the poor?

    • Gleaning according to Nelson’s Student Bible Dictionary is “The process of gathering grain or other produce left in the fields by reapers. The Old Testament Law required that property owners leave the gleanings of their produce in the fields so they might be gathered by the poor and the stranger.”

      So I glean what God has left for me in His Word.
      Thanks for reading my blog and liking it.

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