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Devotional Bible Study on Psalms 2 Common English Bible

Common English Bible Psalms 2

1 Why do the nations rant?
Why do the peoples rave uselessly?
2 The earth’s rulers take their stand;
the leaders scheme together
against the LORD and
against his anointed one.
3 “Come!” they say.
“We will tear off their ropes
and throw off their chains!”
4 The one who rules in heaven laughs;
my Lord makes fun of them.
5 But then God speaks to them angrily;
then he terrifies them with his fury:
6 “I hereby appoint my king on Zion,
my holy mountain!”

7 I will announce the LORD’s decision:
He said to me, “You are my son,
today I have become your father.
8 Just ask me,
and I will make the nations
your possession;
the far corners of the earth
will be your property.
9 You will smash them with an iron rod;
you will shatter them like a pottery jar.”

10 So kings, wise up!
Be warned, you rulers of the earth!
11 Serve the LORD reverently—
trembling, 12 kiss his feet[a]
or else he will become angry,
and your way will be destroyed
because his anger ignites in an instant.

But all who take refuge in the LORD
are truly happy!” CEB

Why do the nations rant?  Why do the people rave uselessly?

The earth’s rulers take their stand.  The leader’s scheme together against the Lord and against His anointed one.  (The world, the world leaders, rulers are against the Lord and Jesus Christ).  They (the rulers and leaders) think they can overturn the ropes and chains of bondage.  What bondage?  The bondage caused by sin?  God laughs at their futile attempts.  Because God knows that Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the light.  God speaks to the people of this world who scheme against Him, angrily and He terrifies them with His fury.  God has appointed His King Jesus Christ on Zion God’s holy mountain.

This King will announce that God is our Father and we’ve become God’s children.  All we have to do is ask and God will make the nations our possessions.  The far corner of the earth is my property.   The Lord will smash them with an iron rod and shatter those of the world like a pottery jar.  So kings – rulers, leaders of this earthly world, wise up!  This is God’s warning to you.

Serve the Lord reverently, trembling, kiss His feet or else He will become angry and your way will be destroyed because the Lord’s anger ignites instantly.  If you are taking refuge in the Lord you are truly happy.

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