Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 18, 2012

Melissa’s Gleanings…

Genesis 18:20 Common English Bible

20 Then the LORD said, “The cries of injustice from Sodom and Gomorrah are countless, and their sin is very serious! ”

Injustice = wrong or injury.

So in this verse people from Sodom and Gomorrah were crying out to the Lord about the wrong or injury they were suffering.  These cries were numerous or countless.

BUT…then it says their sin is very serious.  Would this be the ones that were crying out with injustice? or just the one who were committing the injustice?

My opinion is based on other verses of the Bible.

Genesis 18:32 “The Lord said if He found 10 innocent people in the City of Sodom He would save the entire city because of these innocent people.

Genesis 19:15 Lot, His wife and two daughters.  This does not equal ten people no matter how I add.  So Lot is forced to leave because there were not 10 innocent people so the Lord did not save the city.  He had Lot, his wife and two daughters leave by the grace of God.  He didn’t have to save Lot, his wife and two daughters, but He did.

Genesis 19:23 Lord rained down burning asphalt.

So to try answer my questions above.  Who were the cries coming from?  There are only four people mentioned in the verses above that were innocent.  So the cries most likely were coming from the ones causing the injustice and the one’s suffering the injustice.  The reason I say it was the sinners is because Lot did not want to go far from Sodom.  So why would he be the one to cry out if He didn’t want to leave Sodom in the first place?

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