Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 20, 2012

Are you a Self Feeder?

Are you a self feeder?  Can you feed yourself?  I don’t mean literally with a fork, spoon, etc.  I mean getting fed from the Word of God.  Or does your Bible sit on the shelf or coffee table and collect dust?

If you are a self feeder, do you?  Or are you dependent on Sunday’s message and possibly Wednesday’s nights message?  How is that working for you?

Are you depressed, discouraged, ready to throw in the towel and quit?

I was…. I was ready to quit it just seemed too hard.  Everything was going wrong in my eyes.  This wasn’t the life I signed up for.  My appliances were dying faster than my house plants!  Sickness was overtaking my household.  My husband was faced with losing sight in his eye and major surgery.  My job was laying people off and deleting positions faster than I can type.  The kids were being rebellious.

As I cried out to God “What did I do to deserve all this?”  I am tired, weary and all I am is trying to do good.  I was ready to give up, why?

Because I expected others to do for me what only God can, will and could.  God spoke to me and said. “I AM ALL YOU NEED, is that not enough for you Melissa?  Talk about an eye-opening experience.

Humbly I confessed my sin to my loving Father and asked Him what I needed to do.  Here is what He showed me:

1.  I needed to learn to feed myself.  Not rely on my pastor, my husband, my family to feed me.  It is my responsibility to feed on the Word of God daily and to do the Word of God in my life.  NO ONE can do this for me.

2.  Fully rely on God not the things of this world.  Man can not meet my needs.  Material items can not meet my needs.  Only God can.  Seek first the Kingdom of God.

Guess what I am doing?

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  1. Love your post! Thanks for sharing.

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