Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 2, 2012


Can you name 25 blessings right off the top of your head?  As my readers/subscribers I challenge you to each day or once a week write down 25 blessings bestowed upon you by our gracious Lord.

Here are mine:

1.  One more day on the creation that God created for me.

2.  One more day as a child of God.

3.  One more day as the wife of Jason.

4.  One more day as Savannah’s, Madison’s and Gabby’s mother.

5.  One more day as Harry’s earthly daughter.

6.  For my dad’s health.

7.  For my husband’s health.

8.  For my children’s health.

9.  For my health.

10.  For the roof over our head.

11.  For the clothes on our backs.

12.  For the food on our table.

13.  For our jobs that God has so graciously supplied.

14.  For our pets and their unconditional love that reminds me so much of our Saviour.

15.  My friends.

16.  For my church and their love, encouragement.

17.  For the wisdom God graciously bestows.

18.  For First Place Academy, girls school.  Good Godly school.

19.  For my mentor.

20.  For Divine mentors.

21.  For the Word of God the only book inspired by God.

22.  For each and every soul saved for the Kingdom of God.

23.  For presidential elections.

24.  For Christian music.

25.  For Godly authors.

Okay now it is your turn.  Please share yours with us.

Until Next Time,



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