Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 12, 2012

Devotional Bible Study Exodus Chapter 15

Exodus 15:26 CEB “26 The LORD said, “If you are careful to obey the LORD your God, do what God thinks is right, pay attention to his commandments, and keep all of his regulations, then I won’t bring on you any of the diseases that I brought on the Egyptians. I am the LORD who heals you.”

Observation:  The Lord gives us direction here just as He gave to the Israelites.  Carefully obey the Lord.  Are you careful in your obedience or is it something you take for granted that will happen?  We have to be careful in our obedience since we have an enemy that is prowling around trying to destroy us.  To love God is to desire to obey Him.  When God says do this, do it!  When He says don’t, don’t! You can’t know if you obedient unless you know the commands and rules of the Lord.  You have to know Him first in order to know what He desires for you.

If you obey God, He won’t bring any of the diseases that the Egyptians suffered upon you.  God is the one who heals.  Sure, we have medical professionals, but who gives them the wisdom?  God.  God is my healer, go to Him first when you need healing.

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