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Josh Wilson “See You” Music Review

Christina Garvin from the {m} media collective sent me a CD of Josh Wilson’s new album “See You”.  I received no compensation for this review.  I only received a CD provided by EMI Music Platform.  You may remember back in 2011 I did a digital review of this CD.  I experienced some technical difficulties so Christian send me a CD to use this time around which worked out much better.

Josh Wilson “See You” Album released on February 8, 2011.  The Album was produced by Sparrow Records’.   This is Josh’s third album. Included on this album are the following songs:

Track 01 “Sing It”

Track 02 “Behind the Beauty:

Track 03 “I Refuse”

Track 04 “Fall Apart”

Track 05 “Know By Now”

Track 06 “See You”

Track 07 “It is Well”

Track 08 “Shine on Us”

Track 09 “Always Only You”

Track 10 “Forest Fire”

Track 11 “They Just Believe”

Track 12 “Sing it” Reprise

Track 13 “Linear” (For Digital Deluxe)

This is the first time that I’ve listened to Josh Wilson’s music.  I would describe it as an acoustic Pop genre.  I guess I am behind on the times since Josh Wilson debut was in 2008.  I would have to argue that Josh Wilson’s music is one of the more talented christian music artists on the market.  I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of each song and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

I’ve read that Josh Wilson has mastered over 20 instruments such as grand piano, keyboard, classical and electric guitar.  On this album Josh Wilson uses a ukulele, hammered dulcimer and a glockenspiel.  You’ll have to look up what those are, I know I did when I read this interesting bit of trivia.

I hate to compare musical artists with one another, but if I had to compare Josh Wilson with anyone I would have to say it is Matthew West.

I enjoyed this review and Josh Wilson’s music.  I bought my own copy just so I could have it on my MP3 player to listen too.  I know you won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

Until Next Time,


Christina Garvin
the {m} media collective


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  3. you are great thank you for your post =]

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