Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 16, 2012

Organizing Happiness E-Book Review

Eternal Encouragement graciously sent me a copy of Organizing Happiness an e-book to review free of charge!  At the end of this product review you too can get your very own copy of Organizing Happiness, free of charge.

As part of The Gabby Mom’s project, I agreed to write an objective review of the e-book Organizing Happiness.

As most of my loyal readers and subscribers know I need all the organizing help I can get.  I’ve tried a few other methods and wrote reviews on my blog to share with you.  But when I face the truth about organizing, I realize that each method I’ve tried in the past may have worked for a short time and then I fell back into my old habits.  Ever had that problem?  It gets tiring, and frustrating.

Organizing Happiness is one of the rare books based on the Bible.  From the introduction to the last page you are given step by step advice based on Scripture.  On the front cover of  the e-book Organizing Happiness, clearing clutter is mentioned, habits that will make you happy, spiritual weapons for happiness and quick organizing tricks.  Mrs. Lorrie Flem is the author of Organizing Happiness e-book.    You can tell from reading the e-book that Mrs. Lorrie Flem has implemented these steps in her own life and they have worked.  This is not a self-help book written by someone who has not struggled with organizational woes.  Mrs. Lorrie Flem has a home, husband and children and I can relate to this.  I loved the personalized perspective that Mrs. Lorrie Flem shares with you in this e-book.

Organizing Happiness has helped me in my organization stagnation.  Organizing  Happiness is a concise, biblical based way to tackle organization.  Nothing is impossible with God the Bible says.  So why do we as Wives, Homemakers, Mothers try to tackle our biggest hurdles without God.  After reading through Organizing Happiness several times it finally clicked.  First I must seek the Lord for help in organizing.  Second, using the Scriptural, down to earth tried and proven methods contained within this e-book I am read to tackle organization like never before.  Not just for a few short days, but to seek the Lord each day for His wisdom and guidance in making my home a happy place.

Organizing Happiness is all about creating new habits to replace our old habits that are leaving us tired, frustrated and completely messy.  How do you do this?  By utilizing the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you are like me, tried tons of different methods for organization and still haven’t found any that has worked in the long-term.  Stop by Eternal Encouragement’s website.  Their web address is: or click on any of the Organizing Happiness words within my post and you will be taken to their website.  If you sign up for their newsletter, Eternal Encouragement will send you your very own copy of Organizing Happiness e-book.  I was so amazed at how much information was packed within this e-book and I learned a valuable lesson, when we approach our organizing in a biblical way we have the God who created heaven and earth on our side (this is a direct quote from Organizing Happiness).

Each time you click on the words Organizing Happiness you will be taken to Eternal Encouragement’s store.  Take a little while to browse around, you won’t be sorry, I found so many helpful things.

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  1. I always appreciate how Lorrie points us to the WHO behind all we do. Thanks for sharing

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