Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 19, 2012

Melissa’s Gleanings…

Whew…what a week.  It seems like each week there is more work and less time,  but I am so thankful for my 45 minutes each morning with the Lord.  I have been so blessed by this time that I guard it with a jealousy unlike any other.

I was reading about Bible reading plans and planning the other day.  I’ve read countless books, blogs and self-help books that have a Bible reading plan for you to use.  All with promises that this is the one.  I believe we should read and study the Bible in a systematic manner.  I also believe we need to have a plan in place.  Failure to plan is to plan to fail we’ve heard it thousands of times.

Do you have a set time you meet with the Lord?  Does He know about this time?  Have you prayed about it?  Do you enter this time in your calendar, daytimer, electronic organizer, phone?  Do reminders go off when this time arrives? Why not?  We take the time to schedule the things that truly matter to us.  Hair appointments, movies, etc.  Why not our time with the Lord?

Do have a set place where you meet with the Lord?  Does He know about this place?  Have you prayed about it?  Do you have this space organized with the supplies that you’ll need and are they easy to access?  Is it comfortable?  Why not?

Do you have a plan for Bible reading?  How about for Bible Study?  I hate Bible reading plans.  I use them to heap condemnation upon myself when I miss one day.  If something happens and I have to skip one day of my Bible reading plan, I tend to obsess over it.  I listen to the enemy who is prowling around me and start to believe what he is saying.  I am not good enough for God, I fail all the time, etc.  You know what I mean.  So I searched high and low for a Bible reading plan that does not have dates.  No dates, no days of the week.  Just each and every book and chapter of the Bible.  Yep.  All you do is check off the little box when you finish reading for the day.  No condemnation over missed days, weeks, etc.  The name of the website that provides this Bible Reading Plan is:  Guilt-Free Bible Reading Plan Just click on the name.

As far as Bible Study goes, I like to join a study online such we live in a rural area.  It is hard to find Bible studies that meet in churches or homes that are too far away.  So I tend to search the web for studies by godly women to join.  I just finished “Becoming You” by Stephanie Shott.  In this study I was provided a pdf download of the book or study and then three times a week on Stephanie’s blog she posted lessons.  This was a little quick pace for me, I am one of those people who likes to mull over what I am studying for a bit before moving on, but I just printed out the lessons and tackled them at my own pace.  I love the online studies because I still get the chance to interact with others that I would normally miss out on since I am not physically in the same location as the other participants.  I am getting ready to begin Kathy Howard’s study on Ephesians.  I’d love for you to join me.

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  1. Hi Melissa! I am so blessed by my Bible reading/study time. I take about an hr. every morning (kids permitting) to read and then study. I am reading the Bible chronologically on my Kindle (I read straight through last year). For more in depth study I am using resources from Doorposts. Currently I am studying impatience, a woman’s role in the marriage and how to respect my dh. Those seem to be flowing off into anger and speech so I would say that is where my problems lie. I look forward to working with you this year.

    • Carie:
      Thank you so much for taking the time to post.
      I am so blessed that God is blessing you in your Bible reading/study time too.
      In 2013 I hope to read through the Bible Chronologically, I’ve never done this. In 2012 I am reading a new version of the Bible.
      Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the blog.

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