Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 15, 2012

Links and more Links

I recently took part in Stephanie Shott’s Becoming You online Bible study.  Living in a rural area there is not that many opportunities for me to connect in person with ladies Bible studies.  So when I can take one online, I grab my best bud and we take part as accountability partners.  Becoming You by  Stephanie Shott was totally awesome.  You can really tell that Stephanie is a woman who follows after God’s own heart.  She is quick to share her story and the fact that God is still working on her.  She is gearing up to start a blog series on “Woman who changed the world.”  I hope you stop by her blog and join in too.  I promise you’ll be blessed.

Another study that I started in hopes of attending in a nearby town, but with my schedule and the girls schedule it just isn’t possible.  So I am doing the study by myself with my accountability partner.  It is called “Do Not Depart“.  I came across the website after visiting Living Devotionally’s website.  It truly is a small world since one of the contributors to this blog lives about 25 miles from me.  Praise God.  I hope to one day attend her study in person, but until I can coordinate schedules, I will have to settle for doing it online and with a friend.  I have been truly blessed by the Bible Study method brought out in Do Not Depart.  It is so simple, yet so rich.  It allows the Word of God to soak over your whole entire body day by day as you read a certain Psalm.  So please stop by Do Not Depart’s website and tell Kat, Melissa sent you.

Another website I’ve found myself visiting lately is “Living Devotionally“.  I have been truly blessed by this site too.  The wealth of Biblical information listed within the blog will take you a little while to devour but believe me it is time well spent.  So stop by Living Devotionally and prepare to be blessed.

I recently read Mark Batterson “The Circle Maker”.  This book is truly amazing.  I am not going to give away too much here on my blog, because I really believe you need to experience this book yourself.  If you struggle with any prayer issues, this book will bless you in your prayer journey.  If your tired and discouraged praying for someone for years and it doesn’t appear there is an answer in sight.  Read this book.

I also just finished the book “Soul Print” by Mark Batterson also.  This is a quick and easy read, yet full of Biblical advice and it is a journey that won’t end until the day you are home with Jesus.

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