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Focused15 Intentional Bible Studies in 15 minutes a day. E-book review

Focused15 Intentional Bible Studies in 15 minutes a day.  1 Corinthians 13 by Katie Orr.

I recently joined the website Focused15.  You can visit this site and join us by clicking on any “Focused15” word within this post. The  Focused15 website is for people who think they don’t have time to study God’s Word.  We are such a busy people.  We are always on the go.  If you are like me you want to study God’s Word, you know you should, but how?  I have three kids, a part-time job, a husband and a household to run, plus my elderly father to take care.  My kids have responsibilities for school, church and any extra activity they are participating in.  I have responsibilities for my husband, my children, my dad, my church, my home and the list goes on.  How am I to find the time to meet my expectations of studying God’s word properly?  Let me tell, you I haven’t been able to meet my expectations in 13 years.  So when I found out about the Focused15 website I rushed over and carefully scanned it for information.

The most amazing thing caught my eye. “the “ordinary” Christian can learn to study the Bible on his own.”  When I read this statement I was overjoyed.  I’ve longed to study the Bible on my own.  Living in such a rural area there are not many Bible Study groups available and then most of them are during my working hours or do not provide child care.  I continued to devour the website for information.  Could this be right?

Here is what the website states: ”

In Focused15, I’ll show you how to look at scripture through a different lens each day. We’ll use tools already at our fingertips, with methods proven through history, with a structure that is easy to follow…

…all in fifteen minutes day.”

So when I received an email asking if anyone would love to write a product review for the Focused15 e-book I responded immediately.  I love to try before I buy.  I was sent over a 29 page pdf file to review.  This e-book is on 1 Corinthians 13.  Katie Orr is the e-books author.

On the introduction page, it says “It is hard to focus”, I could sense in my spirit saying isn’t that the truth.  I have so many distractions each day that it is very hard to focus.  If I am not focused as a child of God, wife, mother, caregiver, employee I am like a wave that is tossed to and fro.  I have no purpose, no aim, no destination in sight.  I just go where each distraction leads.  Katie Orr the author of this e-book seems to be living within my own heart.  Her words ring so true in my life.  So if you’ve ever struggled in spending time in God’s Word I would highly recommend this e-book.

Katie Orr in shares her personal struggles in spending time in Scripture, she has actually walked the road we are trying to walk now.  She has found a method that trains our eyes to recognize and uncover the life-changing truths within God’ Holy Word.  Why re-invent the wheel.  She has a tried and true method.

The e-book contains an Introduction, How to Focus, Week 1:  the context of 1 Corn. 13, Week 2: focusing on 1 Corn. 13: 1-3, Week 3: focusing on 1 Corn. 13: 4-7, Week 4: focusing on 1 Corn. 13: 8-13, Cheat Sheet, On My Shelf, Share Focused15, About Katie.

I don’t want to give too much away in my review.  I was amazed at all the information and insight shared within these 29 pages.  So stop by Focused15 and tell Katie, Melissa of Melissa’s Musings sent you.

I received no compensation for this review.  I received one complementary copy of Focused15 e-book 1 Corinthians 13.

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  1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I am so glad you have liked the study!

    • You are welcome. Please keep the studies coming, they have been such a blessing to me. I have gone deeper into the Word of God than I have ever gone. Praise the Lord.

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