Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 27, 2012

Melissa’s Gleanings…

Wow, another week has come to a close.  I can’t believe how fast March has flown by.  It seems like yesterday we were talking about March coming in like a lion or lamb.  Now we are about to enter the last week of this month.

I want to remind you that the contest for a horse bracelet ends on March 31st at midnight so be sure to get those comments, etc in so you can be entered to win.  Check out my review of the horse bracelet on my blog to find all the official rules.

I wanted to share a few of the nuggets I gleaned this week.  Where do you turn when things are not going well in your life?  Do you turn to a good book or the Good Book?  Do you go shopping?  Do you turn to the internet?  Do you daydream?  We become spiritual adulterers when we give weight that we should be giving to God to something else.  When things are not going well in our life, we should turn to God.  Idols leave us empty because our hearts were created for God.  Only God can fill the void created and only God will do.

I stumbled across a question this week that I want to ask you.  What are the barren areas of your life?  Is it your temper, your patience, your relationships?  I’ve been praying:  God what is your purpose for these barren areas of my life?  As I trust You show me the barren areas and how I can use them to bring you glory and honor.  Will you pray this with me?

Encouragement turns into hope when His (God’s) instructions find our ready acceptance and application.

What kind of difference can Jesus make in my life… I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count.  The only way I know to answer this question is to share my story.  Jesus has made a difference in my heart.  He has filled me with love.  Whereas I was filled with love of self, He has filled me with love of others.  Jesus has made a difference in my relationships.  As He has filled my heart with love, my relationships have changed.  I care more about the relationships I have in my life than I care about myself.  The focus is removed from me and turned to the other person.  I care for them, I listen to them, I pray for them and I help them.  How has Jesus made a difference in your life?  If He hasn’t and your interested in how He can, please drop me a line.

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  1. good stuff, Melissa. Love, Phyllis

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