Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 11, 2012

Updates, Information and Reminders….

Okay, I said Updates:  I am back from taking a break for Resurrection Weekend.  We had a very refreshing time away from the computer, electronic devices and technology.  Okay, I confess I did respond to some posts listed on my blog while taking a break, but nothing like normal.  I’ll call it a partial fast.  Whereas I would normally spend 8 hours blogging, responding and finding new reviews.  I spend less than an hour.  So I give all the glory to God.  We had a wonderful visit with my favorite brother, I have five brothers.  Only one favorite.  LOL   I pray you had a very blessed Resurrection Weekend.  My middle daughter, Madison told me that her teacher said that Easter was the most important holiday.  I had to ponder that for a while.  Why?  Well if the birth of Christ never happened, than we would never of had an Easter right?  So I guess it boils down to the old cliché who came first the chicken or the egg.  I don’t mean to trivialize this, the birth, life, crucifixion of Christ, burial and resurrection are very important.  I just don’t think it is worth arguing over do you?

Oh, what comes next, yep, information…. I have an awesome book review and contest coming up on Friday, the 13th.  So don’t miss it.  I also have an e-book review on different methods of studying God’s Word that is simple enough for anyone to follow.  So don’t miss that.  I have a Christian Music CD review  upcoming too.  And of course my favorite another ink pen review.  Although, I am very disappointed in Uni-Ball, I’ve contacted them and contacted them, to try to review some of their new products and I can’t get them to respond.  I find this very disappointing and rude.

I have a question for you today.  God has a plan for my life, your life, everyone’s life.  But do you believe this enough to diligently seek Gods will and Gods plans as you make your everyday decisions?  Think on that this week, chew on it, pray about it.  Or do you make plans without seeking God first and then ask Him to bless the plans you’ve made according to your will?  Or do your plans end in a mess and then you ask God to straighten it out?  Just something to think on this week.

Okay lets see where was I…. Oh, Reminders – The contest for Frank Peretti’s new novel ends on April 15th.  Also if you haven’t filed your income taxes by this date you better hope you filed for an extension.  So if you can’t wait for a copy enter to win today, see the original post for the how-to’s.

I pray you have a blessed week, filled with the love of Christ.  Not brotherly love but agape love.  The same love that took Jesus to the cross.

Until Next Time,



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