Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 20, 2012

Mother’s Day, Birthday’s and Graduation!

Did you think that Melissa of Melissa’s Musings went missing?  Well in a way she did.  Mother’s Day weekend I came home from work to discover that I was being whisked away by my family to spend some nice quiet time with them at one of my favorite places in the whole entire world.  St. Augustine Beach.  Yep, we had a whole four bedroom condo to ourselves.  It was so nice, I actually got caught up on some reading.  But I have to confess, when I got home that Friday afternoon, I was tired and when they sprung this surprise on me my first reaction was… What about the Bible Study I am leading?  What about all the homework I have for my own Bible Study?  Will we even have internet?  Then I realized I was being selfish and just took a chill pill.

So I know I am a week late, but how was your Mother’s Day?  I pray it was a blessing.  I saw a church sign on the way to St. Augustine and it said You could never give your Mother a better gift than the one she gave you, Life.  How true.  Thanks Mom.

Then on Tuesday after returning from some much-needed quiet time, I celebrated my 41st birthday.  Wow, I can’t believe it and then some days I feel twice that.  It was a nice birthday with Key Lime pie from work and chocolate my favorite.  My dh  bought me a boy Pomeranian earlier this year as part of my bday present so I can begin my breeding program.  Of course he had to buy me something else on the actual day, a beautiful bracelet in my favorite color, purple.  The girls picked out three charms for my charm bracelet and dh got me one from him too.  I got a new journal and some awesome pens.  We are going out to dinner at the Outback this year for my birthday this weekend.  The girls were studying Australia in school so this should be a good history lesson while we dine.

Thursday, was the girls last day of school and it was a field fun day.  I didn’t get to attend until close to lunch time due to my dad’s cataract surgery.  But we still had a blast and they even won awards for the field events.  We had tons of snow cones, hot dogs, chips and capri suns.  Awards night was tonight, with each girl bringing home awards.  Gabby surprised me and brought home the math award.  You go girl.  All three girls made the A honor roll.  Madison won the spelling award, you go girl too.  Savannah got the highest grade point average in her class for the year.  So I am very proud of my three little ones who aren’t very little anymore.

So if you missed me I am truly sorry.  Life got in the way and I am glad it did.

I am truly blessed.

Until Next Time,




  1. Happy Birthday and sounds like life…..not an interuption……..congratulations on a blessed family, blessed suprised, blessed life……I too saw the same message during Mother’s Day……really cuts the chase doesn’t it……Love and always the best wishes, Phyllis

  2. Thank you so much Phyllis.
    Yes the message was full of conviction for me.
    Have a great week and thanks for reading Melissa’s Musings.

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